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Calvin Redcrest
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Calvin Redcrest - former thief, currently nightclub and bar owner. In a committed relationship. There's only one other thing worth noting - do not cross me. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

(This is a roleplay journal, if that wasn't obvious!

If you've come to this journal from a post in knyghtfall or knyghtfall_ooc, please be advised this character is no longer in play in that community.

Character background:

Calvin is originally from one of the smaller middle European states which no longer exists after centuries of changing borders and wars. His accent sounds more American than European, because he has an ear for language which allows him to "adopt" the accent and inflections of those to whom he speaks as easily as breathing.

He was a thief and a mercenary, living by his wits until one night he met a rather compelling woman - Ceridwyn Rhydderch call_me_ceri. "Met" as in "was caught stealing from". To his surprise, the lady was not only beautiful, but a vampire - something he had heard of but never before encountered.

More surprisingly, the lady vampire did not kill him, but let him live, and thus began his fascination with her. For weeks, he returned to her home to watch her, unaware that she was also watching him.

He became her lover soon after they admitted their mutual interest, and readily adapted to sleeping by day and spending his nights with her. But he sensed that she was somehow unhappy with this situation, and pleaded with her to tell him what was wrong.

She confessed her dread that she would lose him to death long before such time that she might face such a prospect, and he surprised himself and her by begging her to turn him, to make him like herself. She resisted the idea at first, wanting to be sure that he fully understood what he was offering, but he persuaded her that he did and again begged to be Embraced.

Being a vampire is less important to Calvin than being with Ceri, which is why he also allowed her to "Claim" him - to show that he placed himself entirely in her hands, to be with her and only her for eternity.

Calvin's skills are those which Ceri has passed on to him - the clan attributes of Auspex, Celerity and Presence. He is also able to use Obtenebration, though to a much lesser degree than Ceri. In addition to this he, like Ceri, is a skilled shapeshifter, able both to change his facial features but also to assume another form completely.

The character of Calvin is based around the White Wolf system for Vampire: The Masquerade, although he has no formal stats, never having been played in that game, only used for roleplay more broadly. For general information about the system, and about Toreadors in particular, see: http://www.geocities.com/gaurdians_path/index.html - this site is not official, but it's far more user friendly than those, and will give you some basic information about the vampire "system" that Calvin is based on.)